* Day 1 All sessions will be held in the Grand Hall(B2F)

Time Program
08:00 ~ 17:30


09:00 ~ 09:20

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Opening Remakrs Kim Hyun-dae President, The Hankyoreh Medio Group

Welcoming Address Park Yong-man Chairperson, ASIA Future Forum Steering Committee

Congratulatory Address Jung Sae-gyun Prime Minister, Republic of Korea

Welcoming Address Park Byung-suk Speaker, the National Assembly

09:20 ~ 09:40

Special Lecture

Global Crisis, Global Corporation: For a safe life for all

Keynote Speaker Ban Ki-moon Chairman, National Council on Climate and Air Quality / Former Secretary-General of the UN

09:40 ~ 10:40

Keynote Speech 1

The Hard Road to a New Normality

Keynote Speaker Slavoj Žižek Sociology Senior Researcher Fellow, Universitry of Ljubljan

Moderator Hong Ki-bin Director, Karl Polanyi Institute Asia

10:40 ~ 11:10

Keynote Speech 2

Experimentation, Innovation, and Development

Keynote Speaker Michael Kremer Jointly awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2019 / Professor, University of Chicago

11:10 ~ 12:30

Roundtable Discussion

COVID-19, Basic Income, and What is to Come

Speaker Guy Standing Professorial Research Associate at SOAS, University of London

Moderator Ku In-hoe Professor, Seoul National University

Panel Kim Se-yeon Chairperson, Agenda 2050

Panel Yang Jae-jin Professor, Yonsei University

Panel Chong Won-o President, The Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity / Mayor, Seoul Seongdong-gu

Panel Lee Won-jae CEO, LAB2050

12:30 ~ 13:40


13:40 ~ 14:10

Keynote Speech 3

Pandemic and Inequality

Speaker Lee Joung-woo Chairperson, Korea Student Aid Foundation

14:10 ~ 15:30

Keynote Speech 4

Gender in the Age of Pandemics and Climate Crisis

Keynote Speaker Vandana Shiva Founder, Research Foundation for Science, Technology & Ecology / Board Member, International Forum on Globalization

Moderator Kim Hyun-mee Professor, Yonsei University

Panel Kim Yang-hee Co-President, Korean Womens Environmental Network

Panel Paik Young-gyung Professor, Jeju National University

15:30 ~ 16:30

Keynote Speech 5

The World of ‘B.C’(Before Corona) and ‘A.C’ (After Corona)

Keynote Speaker Thomas Friedman The New York Times Columnist

Moderator Lee Won-jae CEO, LAB2050

16:30 ~ 17:30

Keynote Speech 6

Driving Innovation to Deliver Public Value: Ideas for Post-COVID World

Keynote Speaker Mariana Mazzucato Professor, University College London / Founding Director, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Moderator Lee Keun Professor, Seoul National University / President, Korea International Economic Association